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Wear 2019: Contemporary Jewelry

wear1 | wer | verb (past wore | wôr | ; past participle worn | wôrn | ) 
[with object] have on one’s body or a part of one’s body as clothing, decoration, protection, or for some other purpose: he was wearing a dark suit | both ladies wore a bunch of violets.

The Penland Gallery 2019 WEAR exhibition highlights the brooch as sculptural adornment. In the spirit of “wearing your heart on your sleeve”, the brooch is the perfect conveyance of both style and state of mind.  The 2009 book “Read My Pins” featured Madeleine Albright’s famous collection of brooches. Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying “Read my lips.” I began urging colleagues and reporters to “Read my pins.”

The WEAR collection includes work by 22 exceptionally talented artists with a range of aesthetic sensibilities.  Dedicated studio artists, educators, established and emerging artists – all elevate the field of contemporary studio jewelry though their expressive and innovative work.

Earlier Event: July 26
Later Event: August 10